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In Our Bedroom After The War


Stars keeps the momentum going with their new disk “In Our Bedroom After The War”. Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan (also from Broken Social Scene) do a fine job lyrically, while the rest of the band, Evan Cranley, Chris Seligman, and Pat McGee, keep the sonic mastery at a high level. Hailing from Toronto, a northern city that is fast becoming the indie capital of North America, Stars do well in keeping up with the high indie rock standards partially set by Feist and The Arcade Fire. The backing tracks on “IOBATW” are quite amazing if for nothing more than the sheer genius behind the music. At times though, it would appear that the band made a song, then, many days later Torquil and/or Amy added vocals. The process of the band working in this manner is well documented in the accompanying DVD “Are We Here Now?” Among the 13 tracks here, “Take Me To The Riot”, “The Night Starts Here”, and “Midnight Coward” are the standouts.--Tim Warren

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