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The best bar band you’ve never heard of. The Naysayers, hailing from Portland, know how to rock the beer soaked, Harley loving, but aging, Boomer. Leather clad Boomers themselves, The Naysayers put on a rocker boy front, but are nice enough to leave out the swears in their lyrics. Sounding a bit like Tom Petty, The Jayhawks, or Graham Parker, It’s obvious that The Naysayers are not newcomers to the game of Rock. With real full-time jobs, The Naysayers don’t worry about making it big, they just right the music they want, plus, with actual jobs, these boys can afford the best musical equipment Guitar Center can provide. I would anticipate their third album to be followed up by many more releases. It doesn’t seem they have any problem at all cranking out tunes perfectly designed for any Pacific Northwest dive.--Tim Warren

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