Secret Love 3


Secret Love 3, the third disc in the Sonar Kollektiv label series, is for every down tempo lover out there. Sounding like the back catalog of the French duo Air, or their English counterpart, Zero 7, Secret Love 3 is packed with lush songs from great artists. Among the many artist represented here are a few standouts. “How Beautiful” by Donna Regina, with its acoustic intro and full-bodied orchestral chorus, gives you the image of a beautiful girl sitting behind a guitar with loads of keyboards and laptops as the backdrop behind her. In fact, most of the songs on this comp employ keyboards and laptops as the main vehicle for the song creating process. The Swedish star Jose Gonzalez, with his song “Crosses”, which you will also find on his debut album “Veneer”, is a classic example of why Jose’s musical career is taking off. His classical guitar playing and weird, overdubbed voice draws you in, leaving you wanting more. If this record is any indication of what Secret Love 4 will sound like, well, they shouldn’t keep it a secret for long.--Tim Warren

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