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Upon opening The Weakerthans new record you’ll notice a list of players, Stephen, John, Greg, and Jason. Besides getting credit for their respective instruments you will also notice they all have keyboards credited to their names. Really? Where are they? Seeing four keyboards listed makes one think the record will have a certain electronic sound. I was disappointed. Actually this record is a little late. Had this record dropped ten years ago when Death Cab was doing this stuff it could have been quite a hit. Each song just seems so bland with the exception of “Elegy for Gump Worsley”. In fact “Elegy for Gump Worsley” has the best sonic quality but also has the worst lyrics. The words are not sung but spoken, like a poem. Please. If The Weakerthans slowed down and made more songs sound like the Gump Worsely music they would have an up to date sound that actually pushes the envelope. Instead they made a record that has already been made by a lot of other bands several times over.--Tim Warren

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