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Under The Black Light


Rilo Kiley does a bang up job with their new disc Under The Black Light. Blake Sennett’s guitar hooks could carry this album alone, but with the addition of synth intro’s, back up singers, bongo drums, and Jackson Brown (!), Rilo Kiley delivers Indie Rock at its finest. They even added a Theremin solo! Wrapped up inside this Indie Pop dream is the Stax Records sounding “15”. The track “Smoke Detector” sounds like Sheryl Crow if she was a part of the British Invasion. “Dejalo” has a definite Latin feel, while “Close Call” makes you fall in love all over again with Rilo Kiley. There has been a lot of attention brought upon this band with the former child TV stars status of Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett. This record should put all that behind them for good. Rilo Kiley is a bonafide rock band for sure.--Tim Warren

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