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These are 5 friends with Midwest and southern upbringings, who years ago moved out West to the Bay area and played in a lot of indie and modern rock projects. The bass player and drummer are from Michigan. Now, returning to their roots, they kick out carefree traditional and folk-rock tunes that are sometimes introspective, sometimes silly, and always done for the fun of it. “Irene Goodnight” and “I Still Miss Someone” are named after folk and country standards with intentions that are unclear. “I Wanna Be Adored” is almost a tongue-in-cheek countrified rendition of the “Stone Roses” tune; amusingly enough, a classic to folks of the band’s generation, but to those familiar with the classic country artists Axton Kincaid pays homage to, the song’s about as far away from Gene Autry as is Nashville from San Fransisco. - Pete

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