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Washington Square Serenade


Three years after his last album, spearheaded by title track and Michael Moore favorite “The Revolution Starts…Now”, Steve Earle comes back on the scene in style with his new release. Hearkening back to the folk music heyday of the early 60’s, Earle seamlessly mixes love and politics on this album. Continuing with the country rock sound that’s carried him thus far, W.S.S. is a pleasure. The varying nature of the 12 tunes on the album offer delightful snapshots of the different parts of Steve Earle. The first single, “City of Immigrants,” an ecumenical foot-tapper that praises the melting pot nature of Earle’s adopted hometown, New York City, and anthemically proclaims “All of us are immigrants.” Steve is joined (appropriately) on that track by “Forro In The Dark.” Other highlights include “Sparkle and Shine,” a simple tender and heartfelt love song that comes off like an acoustic country version of an early “Beatles” tune, and “Steve’s Hammer (For Pete),” a declaration of hope in the somewhat turbulent and uncertain times we live in. Dedicated to Pete Seeger, the song proves the need for activist art such as Earle’s and Seeger’s while simultaneously wishing for an end to any need for such music. - Ben Cook the intern

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