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Pete and Maura Kennedy Present: The Stringbusters - Rhapsody in Uke


Rhapsody in Uke: Pete & Maura Kennedy give their ukuleles a workout! This will be a good addition to the WYCE music library with 18 short songs that may help you get you to the hour on time. This cd showed me that I like the uke better with other instruments along for the tune, so listening to the whole cd was harder than I thought it would be. That said “Rhapsody in Uke” has the Kennedy’s using songs by Billie Holiday, Django Reinhardt, Gershwin and Jellyroll Morton. Add a condensed arrangement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, plus my favorite track, a fun version of Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire” and I think they have something for everyone. Maura sings on tracks 1,4,7,10, and 13. The rest are instrumentals. - Anne Lamont

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