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Versatile Heart


Quiet, Haunting & beautiful is the best way to describe the new CD from Linda Thompson. Linda has been a major force in the music scene for over 30 years yet this is only her third solo release & the first since 2002’s fashionably late. I guess some traditions are hard to break. Linda continues with the folk sounds of the British Isles on most tracks, dabbles with a little country on the track “Do Your Best for Rock’n Roll”. The track “Day After Tomorrow” could be called a soldiers prayer from both sides of the war & her vocals on this track sounds a lot like her friend, the late great Sandy Denny. The title track “Versatile Heart” is the closest thing to an upbeat pop tune on this disc & the lyrics describe her state of mind with relationships & the world today. Linda remains one of the greatest female vocalists in the music industry, I only wish she would have included a few upbeat tracks on this CD. - Gregg Saur

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