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The Spiritual Kind


Terri Hendrix knows the value of an acre of land. She even named her homespun record label Wilory Records (and her second album Wilory Farm) in memory of her mentor's acres of land. The Texas troubadour, who once milked goats in exchange for guitar lessons, now has nine albums under her belt, and The Spiritual Kind is as intimate as it is stylistically adventurous. "Acre of Land" is inspired introspection ... "I've been able to stand on my own acre of land, and when the wind blows me away I've been able to stay." "Things Change" and "If I Had a Daughter" resemble hand-written letters she reads aloud, with writing that strays off the page in an upward direction. "Jim Thorpe's Blues" has a lyrical significance that will appeal to fans of Bob Dylan's "Hurricane," and in "Mood Swings," Hendrix sheds her twang to test her chops ... and she tweaks her voice to hearken Ella Fitzgerald. – Sara Cosgrove

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