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Paula Cole returns from an 8 year hiatus from the music industry & has the courage to record her most beautiful disc to date. With this CD Paula replaces the alternative Lilith Fair sounds she had in the late 1990’s with a rich, quieter, mature & seductive sound. Without a bad track on the disc some standouts include one of the most upbeat tracks on the disc “Lovelight” Paula really lets it shine. “El Greco” has a very introspective sound as Paula looks inside herself for courage. “Lonely Town” is a quieter jazz piece & Paula gets some great help from Herbie Hancock’s piano on this track. “Hard to be Soft” has a Brazilian Jazz sound which the great Ivan Lins provides the backing vocals. “I Wanna Kiss You” will have many a listener saying don’t stop & is truly the most seductive track on the CD. This disc may not make Paula the star she deserves to be but will keep this listener & many more begging that Paula doesn’t wait another 8 years between CD’s. - Gregg Saur

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