Let's Frolic


This is a great cd! Blackie & the Rodeo Kings are a Canadian roots group made up of Tom Wilson, Stephen Frearing and Colin Linden. You’ll like these guys if the sounds of The Grateful Dead or The Band appeal – I like this band better but that just me. Daniel Lanois is such a fan that he donated #2 song “House Of Soul” on the condition the B&RK version make him cry. Worked for me. B&RK takes roots music that combines blues, folk, country and 60's jam band. They recorded a two disc collection which they've released in two separate parts. This is the first cd. Vol 2 - Let's Frolic Again was released 5-07 and if it’s half as good as this it’s gonna be great. I think we should all Frolic. Listen for Pam Tillis on the tender The Fool Who Can't Forget." reviewer Anne Lamont

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