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Ever wonder what would have happened to Steve Earle if he had not bottomed-out with drink and drugs? Prior to Earle's colossal physical collapse, he was churning out catchy country-rock songs like the (disbanded) V-Roys and the music of one its leaders, Scott Miller. This live CD contains quite a bit of Miller's recent catalogue and it is good, guitar-driven stuff -- if without the contemporary social commentary that marks Earle's work after rehab. But that's OK. This music isn't meant to be the soundtrack for a serious documentary; rather, it is body-moving bar band stuff. And Miller does it well. The opener is great, there's a Neil Young cover (#18) and a surprising gospel closer. In-between, you'll find plenty of crunching guitars. 06/07 MJVD Rock-Roots NO PLAY #5 (language); PLAY AFTER 10 P.M. #10 and #19 (content)

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