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The Rosebuds

Night of the Furies


The Rosebuds are Raleigh, NC duo Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp and Night of the Furies is their 3rd album. If I had only read the song lyrics, which are spattered with darkness, graves, guilt, cold and death. I would have thought for sure this was a goth band. Instead the tunes play like new wave/pop music from the 80’s (Duran Duran, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Human League, Eurasure etc.)… and after the first listen I was ready to dismiss it as only that. Then, little snips of the lyrics kept catching my attention and making me want to know the rest of the story. So, I kept listening and found myself falling for this album. It’s full of pop hooks with just the right amount of gloom, and it’s very well composed. The liner notes tell about the album title…and even that story sucked me in. Turns out The Rosebuds are interesting story tellers. Unfortunately for us radio people, the album is most fun as a whole entity, as the songs seem to speak to each other. None the less, there are a lot of fun songs to choose from. (track #3 is one of my favorites.) Becky 7/2007

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