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Ian Hunter

Shrunken Heads


No self-respecting fan of early 70’s glam rock is unfamiliar with Ian Hunter who fronted the almighty Mott the Hoople. Rising to fame on the strength of the David Bowie penned "All the Young Dudes" the band cut a brief but powerful path through rock history with such notable tunes as "All the Way From Memphis" and "The Golden Age of Rock and Roll". Hunter packed his bags in 1975 and embarked on a solo career that spawned the infamous "Once Bitten Twice Shy" (later covered by hair band Great White) and a respectable catalog of literate rock discs. This release continues his tradition of matching Dylanesque lyrics with punchy Stones style riffs. "Words (Big Mouth)" finds him trying to take back words that should have never found their way past his lips while "Fuss About Nothin,’" and the title track are sarcastic indictments of the sanctimonious wind bags on the right who lambaste the left while they’re screwing you without the courtesy of foreplay. On "How’s Your House" he kicks F.E.M.A in the nuts for its ineptitude in the wake of Katrina. He also takes on the pain of morphing from a rebel to a member of the establishment, "I Am What I Hated When I Was Young," the lunacy of following the crowd in an unbridled consumption spree on the crunchy rocker "Brainwashed" and the perils of the information age on the anthemic "When the World Was Round". Lest you think he’s lost given up on the prospects for the common man, he finds a glimmer of hope on "Soul of America". Hunter draws you deep into these tales with a warm, leathery voice and a crack band. This one will end up on year end “best releases” lists. Smitty

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