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Where have you been Dolores? Even though the alternative rock movement has been less then stellar since we entered the new century, rock has been missing a powerful female voice (Sarah McLachlan doesn’t have the Lilith Fair, Tori Amos hasn’t been herself, and Courtney Love is everywhere but the music). The debut album from the former Cranberries’ vocalist begins where she left off…rockin’. Her album is full of reflective and full-on rock numbers. This shouldn’t even be surprising considering that she has that distinct voice and can rock the mic at anytime (don’t you remember the song “Zombie”)? Check out tracks 1 “Ordinary Day”, track 6 “Stay With Me”, track 9 “October”, and track 11 “Angel Fire”. This album is one of the best unheard of’s in 2007. - Lane Zoerhof

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