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The Brag & Cuss


Brag & Cuss marks the fifth album from the Texas native with an intentional journey into country song writing. Drinking and the pained sense of loss concurrent with life on the road marinate each song. No surprise this album was written during Votolato’s last tour. As Tweedy and Farrar depicted southern Illinois with Uncle Tupelo Votolato embraces his own Texan mythology of passing power lines and empty bottles with a subtle lyrical brilliance and formula silhouetted folk. Check out tracks 2, 3, and 7. If looking for a real downer, listen to track 8, ‘Whiskey Straight’ or track 11, ‘Silver Trees.’ Don’t play 10, ‘The Old Holland’ till safe harbor (He says piss) but still play it, there’s a wonderful guitar part. – Derrick Mund

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