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Paul McCartney

Memory Almost Full


Sir Paul needs no introduction, really, and the same goes for this record. Keeping true to his rock ‘n’ roll roots and his knack for being a hyper-productive busy body, McCartney bestows 13 new tracks upon us and beckons all the young dudes to check their cool at the door. In so few words, McCartney can still put together an honest-to-God piece of quality rock music and make you believe what he has to say. Although some songs seem to more or less blatantly reference his relatively recent split with Heather Mills, the lyrical content is about what you’d expect from the bass/production/anything-I-lay-my-hands-on wizard. In general, the tracks seem to get better and better as the album progresses. Not that the first few are clunkers by any means, it’s just that the real gems await those who care to listen. And that’s the way it should be. Listen and though shall be rewarded. Reviewed by Trevor Edmonds (June 2007) (All tracks clean)

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