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Liz Janes

Done Gone Fire


Being one of Asthmatic Kitty’s earlier releases, this album by Ms. Janes documents the label’s core sound: neo-acoustic folk with a relative indie rock feel in regards to lyricism, additional instrumentation (ie. angular guitar noodling & the like), and the fact that its creation was greatly aided by Mr. Asthmatic Kitty himself, Sufjan Stevens. Ms. Janes’ voice runs the gamut over the course of this record, soaring like a U2 spy plane on some and scraping the gutters (in a good way) on others. The relatively simple instrumentation and unique production for each song helps to center the listener’s attention on the vocals and lyrics, making Janes’ fable spinning all the more audible and understandable. A nice look at the origins of a fine label, and a fine artist for that matter. Reviewed by Trevor Edmonds (June 2007) (All tracks clean)

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