Tori Amos

American Doll Posse


American Doll Posse is Tori's most ambitious album to date. This 23-song saga is broken into five feminine archetypes — each with a different personality and sense of style. Isabel's "Almost Rosey" is a fine accomplishment, complete with confident confessions about a quest for humanity ... "I've been known to delude myself, so let me put those rose-colored glasses to the test." Anyone who isn't familiar with Tori Amos should start with Isabel's "Girl Disappearing," which reveals a softer side of Tori, then move on to Tori's (yes, she is one of the five archetypes) "Big Wheel," as an introduction to her rock 'n' roll side. Other impressive tracks include Pip's "Velvet Revolution," and Clyde's "Roosterspur Bridge” — two gorgeous ballads, and Santa's sexy, bluesy “You Can Bring Your Dog." It is also worth noting that Isabel expresses her anti-war sentiments with "Dark Side of the Sun," and the album's first track, "Yo George." American Doll Posse, Amos's ninth album, packs more contradictory personal reflections into one album than any of her previous recordings. -Sara Cosgrove

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