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Sound of Silver


The Sound of Silver? More like the sound of platinum! This album shucks and jives. The first single; "North American Scum" is a scything testament to an angry American wanting to groove and remember the good times of his filthy lovely country. Sound Of Silver kicks off with a song that mashes the minimalism of Kraftwerk with the neon pink of GTA Vice City. Sinful, sick, and I can't stop freaking dancing. To say this new album is hypnotic is unequivically an understatement of grand proportions. This music blends a driving gnaw of punky funky dance music steaped in 1981's finest schizo rock. This is a fuzzy ode to the best music of the 80's. Deadpan delivery from lead singer James Murphy, who is David Byrne, early Patty Smith, Morris Day, Stephen Duffy, Beck Hansen, and Iggy Pop all rolled into one. If there is not at least one song on this album that makes either your head or ass nod and shake, then, my friend you are in need of a dose o'friggin awesome. This album gets the Official Oliver 5STAR rating. Standouts : Someone Great, is a truly beautiful song. Beautiful songs abound this record. Have fun. - Oliver FCC: No issues.

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