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Stumbling away from the sugar flavored social jolts de la Pulp, Jarvis Cocker's day job. This solo album is a fine production. Many moods loom, many dark and rebelious. Cocker boldly snatches the loveliest lilt of the ryhthm of Tommy James & The Shondells hit Crimson & Clover. It's so blatant, but I have to admit Jarvis really owns the moment with his revise called "Black Magic". That could be said for many of the songs on this album. Jarvis Cocker is showing the depth of his abilities as a solo artist and this effort is strong. There are moments on this album where one can hear the influence of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, and Nick Drake. Well put, Oliver. Standouts : Disney Time, Black Magic FCC:Crap. Uh, I forgot. Gimme a day. - Oliver

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