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Charlie Don't Shake

America Is Our Office EP


Regional This is a beautiful thick slice of why Charlie Don't Shake is so vital to the midwest. Gritty rock and roll with bouncing riffs, solid hooks, and rock and roll that makes you want to dance. When was the last time that happened? Their previous album The South Will Take Your Blues Away was steaped in Bluesy numbers flanked by some serious 70's burners. Much like this EP, there are open minded jams about life in America. The music bounces like Talking Heads at times, which adds to the dance rock after work party vibe heard all over this album. Singer/ guitarist Craig Schmidt croons like Mr.Richman & The Modern Lovers with an even more sarcastic bent in the delivery. A nice balance to Mr. Schmidt is the Robyn Hitchcockesque delivery of singer/guitarist Jeremy Whitwam. This party does have a chill period, exemplified by the Syd Barrett wallow beaming through on the fifth track, The Halo. Hey that rhymed! Start to finish, no track here loses the overall idea that life is good, lets drink Early Times and wish all the dudes a happy new year! - Oliver FCC : None

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