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NOW HEAR THIS! [IMA Winners 2007]


{2 Discs}(Planetary Group 2007) A compilation of indie music as voted by a panel of celebrity musician judges. This comp. boasts some great indie music that spans from World music to Christian Contemporary to Folk, etc. On the first disc, check out tracks 1 by Kristy Kruger “Gold Rush”, track 8 by Garaj Mahal “The Shadow”, track 11 by Sheva “Salaam”, track 13 by Bitter:Sweet “Overdue”, track 16 by Novalima “Machete”. On disc 2; track 1 by Jonah Smith “My Morning Scene”, track 4 by Seed & Root “Paraiso”, track 5 by Dave’s True Story “Everlasting No”, and track 19 by Alvin Jett & The Phat Noiz Band “Angels Sing The Blues”. – Lane Zoerhof *track 10 Piet Shaw & The Revolutionary Theater “We Don’t Want No War” contains swear word (shit)

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