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Todd Snider

Peace, Love and Anarchy (Rarities, B-Sides and Demos, Vol. 1)


A native of Portland, Oregon, Todd Snider has been a fixture on the American, alt-country, and folk scene since his debut album in 1994. He is best known for creating an engaging and wry humorous folk sound, with lyrics sometimes reminiscent of Tom Petty and Bob Dylan. Peace, Love and Anarchy is material leftover from Snider’s time at John Prine’s Oh Boy label. Some of the recordings of just Snider and his guitar (tracks 1-3) are rough, but nonetheless worth a place on the album. –Seth A. Tracks: 6 (Rollin’ a joint) 8 (Bullshit) 13 (Shit) (God Damn) (Fuck) (Smoke Dope)

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