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Don't Make Me Wait


An unpretentious hip indie-rock quartet from Brooklyn with a really rockin pop album about girls and dancing. In a way it's what we all wanted the Strokes to sound like when we wanted the Beatles to sound like them. By this I mean they sound as though the Liverpool boys traveled into the future, into the Brooklyn (post new wave dance revival scene) where they formed a group. So in this future the Beatles would be influenced by the Strokes who were influenced by the Beatles. So Locksley is an indie-pop-rock group who sounds like the Beatles being influenced by all the things successively influence by them including themselves. I'm getting visions of the Yellow Submarine, where they cross paths with themselves going into the past as they head back into the future. It's really straight forward, kinda dirty rock music on 'She Does' and the title track, 'Don't Make Me Wait,' seriously Beatllesesque on 'All of the Time,' and 'Why Not Me?' is another great pop tune with a distinct Strokes' harmony.

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