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Kristoffer Ragnstam

Sweet Bills


The accomplished studio drummer and his studio band The Electric 4 are poised and ready for all the notoriety that comes along with rhythmic pop songs and elusively playful lyrics. After flavorful debuts at NYC’s Knitting Factory all that waits is a write-up in the Village Voice. Utterly danceable, poppy, surreal overdubs all wrapped around percussive arrangements; tell me is there anymore we can ask for? While often compared to Beck I would say Kristoffer lies somewhere between the New Radicals without the mall and The Scissor Sisters minus the disco. Plus a Bowie-esque saxophone solo on Never Get Used to you. Other notables include a bound to be hit, Breakfast by the Mattress, Born as a Lion, and Dr. Give the World a Smile. Also, the more down tempo title track, Sweet Bills. My only concern with Kris is this might become popular, killing it for all us hipsters.

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