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Serena Ryder

If Your Memory Serves You Well


Serona Ryder-If Your Memory Serves You Well (EMI) Four-fifths of this artist’s second album was simply her adding her own contemporary bluesy, jazzy rock to songs written and recorder by other artists, specifically Canadian artists. In those songs she seems a little bit more comfortable than the other one-fifth that she composed. Throughout this album there are very strong, unique vocals, but a serious lack of continuity and cohesion. Each song is so different from the next that it feels forced and unprepared. The lyrics on the songs written be Ryder are extremely predictable and the rhyme schemes are corny and unarranged. She has great potential, but she needs to find herself, or at least her own style of music, first. Focus tracks: 4 “Some of these Days,” and 2 “This Wheel’s on Fire,” (from which the title of the album derived)

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