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A Tribute to Joni Mitchell


A Tribute to Joni Mitchell (Nonesuch) As with any tribute album ever created, artists all cover different songs of the artist featured on the tribute album. In this case, obviously, the artist is Joni Mitchell, which really isn’t that exciting to begin with. Here’s the twist, some of the artists doing the renditions are Sufjan Stevens, Elvis Costello, Sarah McLachlan, Bjork, and Prince. What most of the artists on this album attempted to do, was to recreate Joni Mitchell’s sound in their own unique style, however that was rarely the case. For the most part, it is Joni Mitchell’s sound in her original style. On the other hand there were some decent remakes, such as Sufjan Steven’s opening track “Free Man in Paris,” the following track by Bjork “The Boho Dance,” track 7 “Blue” by Sarah McLachlan, and track 10 “Edith and the Kingpin” by Elvis Costello. -Jake Burritt

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