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Cortney Tidwell

Don't Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up


On "Don't Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up", Cortney Tidwell displays delicate growlings reminiscent of Bjork, the sweeping grandiosity of Sigur Ros, pop sensibilities similar to Guster, and the trip hop style of Portishead. Her voice sounds to me like what Joanna Newsom might sound like if she dropped the Appalachian affectation. Fans of Tonya Donelly's 90's alternative band, Belly, will hear lots to love on this album, and should take special note of track 2. Cortney Tidwell is from Nashville, daughter of Connie Eaton, a minor '70s country star but there's no country (that I can discern) to her vocals. There are some twangy guitar sounds present, though they take a back seat to the dreamy electronic layers. "La La" (track 5) makes me think of a Karen Carpenter song. Look for it in commercials, soon, I'll betcha. Lambchop's Kurt Wagner adds vocals to "Society" (track 8). Light pops like those from a vinyl record or from electronic plug-ins drape over the entire album. Haunting, and eerie are words that other reviewers have clung to, and they fit truly. I listened to this album many many times trying to put what I'm hearing into words. I don't have the words, but I enjoyed each listen. A very strong album. Beautiful. Masterful. This ethereal, singer-songwriter is going to make an excellent opener to Andrew Bird's April 11th show at the Ladies Lit. (Olive)

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