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My Brightest Diamond

Tear It Down


My Brightest Diamond's Shara Worden has decided to set loose her bobby pins and let her hair fly on the ambient dance floor. Her latest semi-collaboration with 13 different remixers, entitled "Tear It Down", reworks songs from the highly acclaimed album, "Bring Me The Workhorse" featuring tracks by Alias, Lusine, Murcof, Stakka and Gold Chains. Oh, it's international too! With diplomatic representatives from Belgium, France, Mexico, The UK and America (East and West Coasts baby!), the remixes range from drum-n-bass, to glitchy ambient, minimalism, and get-your-booty-on-the-dance-floor club music. "Tear It Down" stands on it's own horsie legs. In comparison to Shara's control in the songs of "Bring Me The Workhorse", these electronic horsetrainers loosen up the forms and smooth over some of the rougher emotional outbursts. Many of the remixers adhere to the original song forms, snazzing them up or stripping them down, and there are also examples of djs excerpting the tracks to create something entirely new and not song form related, focusing on one element and elaborating, rather than being bound to the storytelling. Shara says, "The variety of their approaches made this project exhiliratingly unpredictable!" "Worden is a remarkable chanteuse...Combining brainy indie-pop with touches of art-rock and classical music, Worden's work radiates brilliance to match her considerable ambition." - NPR

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