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Richard X. Heyman

Actual Sighs


Happy 20th Anniversary! ~ from Richard X. Heyman (not really, but sort of) The unsung hero of power pop recreates his 1986 EP Actual Size, and not in a corny way…well, except for maybe the name of this 2006 release Actual Sighs. Okay, fine, I guess it’s clever. Anyway, the first six tracks are songs resurrected off the original album and reproduced by the more mature Heyman, while the next 14 tracks were previously unavailable. His songwriting is undoubtedly unmatched. His style ranges from 80s pop to classic rock, meanwhile maintaining his well defined style. Some songs to check out are the opening track 1 “Kenyon Walls,” 2 “Stockpile,” the upbeat, bluesy 7 “Twelve Bars and I Still Have the Blues,” and 12 “Rxh’s Love in the First Person Blues.” -Jake Burritt

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