Having a diplomat for a father makes for an educational upbringing, at least in Bienvenu (Bibi) Tanga’s case. The singer/bassist incorporates the languages and sounds of his youth into his full length international debut, “Dunya”. Singing in English, French and his native Sango (Central African Republic), Bibi brings elements of American, French, and African cultures to his music. “Dunya” starts quietly with track opener, “The Moon” and as it progresses, it weaves through various aspects of R&B music, including hip hop (Swing Swing), soul (Gospel Singers), and disco funk (It’s the Earth That Moves). Some songs sound more African, such as the title track and “Pasi”. All the while, The Selenites keep it tight and interesting adding surprising elements such as the strings on “Red Wine” and the samples on “Bonjour Mon Ami Jean”. The tight band, the fine production by le Professeur Inlassable, and the nice composing/arranging make “Dunya” an engaging release. Rebecca Ruth

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