Blurring The Line


Review by Nick of Blurring the Line by The BMF Band “For over 20 years, Bryan Michael Fischer has been singing and entertaining crowds big and small with his larger-than-life personality, winning charm, and powerful vocals. Bryan is a true showman, and creates an event for the crowd, not just another band experience.” After you give the cd a listen, you can begin to believe the promo material. This is one tight band, and the guitarists (lead - Bryan Blowers of K'zoo, bassist – Bill LaValley) certainly are up to the task of keeping up with the lead vocals. Drummer Allen “Spider” Hill keeps the rhythm tight. The group takes off right from the get-go with “I Don't Need No Doctor” - a perfect homage to Texas Blues great Stevie Ray Vaughan. (“Bryan started out his career as a hard rock singer, and after discovering Stevie Ray Vaughan, changed his focus to the blues. Like SRV, Bryan brings the rock n roll attitude and excitement to the soul of the blues to create a high-energy, powerhouse sound and style.”) “Treat Me Like The Dog I Am” is a great example. Another SRV-influenced song “Cold Sweat” really highlights the powerful vocal styling of Bryan Michael Fischer, and the rapid-fire guitar riffs of Bryan Blowers. Bill LaValley and Spyder Hill hold the rhythm tight and fast on this, as well as “Shaky Ground”. “Every Day I Get The Blues” follows the same rapid-fire SRV stylings, and Bryan Fischer throws his heart into this one (as well he should if he wants to keep pace with the terrific guitar playing). Bryan Michael Fischer pulls out all the stops on “Poor Man's Dream”, a song he is credited with penning. This song gives all band members an opportunity to showcase their particular talents. The same goes for BMF's interpretation of Robert Cray's “Back Door Slam”. This is truly a top-notch cut, and I definitely hope to hear some more from this band with the talented songwriter and arranger. And now for the bad news – I cannot for the life of me figure out why “Willy The Wimp” is lumped in with the other great covers on this cd. (Unless, like “Gravity”, and “Slippin' In”, it is used to demonstrate the versatility of the band). The pace also slows down for a really beautiful rendition of John Waits' “Feels Like Rain.” Based on the music on the cd, I would have to say that this is one blues band you don't want to miss live. Lucky for us this is a local band. Catch them soon, before they go international! – Steven “Nick” Nickelson

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