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Label: Six Degrees
Released: 26 April 2011

London born but raised in New York, Karsh Kale uses his international influences and Indian heritage to create electronic music that is truly his own. Well known for years as the master of the Asian Massive musical movement which combines a variety of western musical traditions (folk, rock, electronica) with South Asian sounds to create one big multicultural soup of sounds.

Using the electronic music backgrounds of house, jungle, dubstep and even industrial spliced with beautiful classical Indian music and singing, big string ensembles and stark piano pieces, this album is the definition of world fusion.

Recommended Tracks:

Ma (track 9) – Dubstep with a child’s voice interspersed

Cinema (track 3) – Title track, big orchestration, pretty heavy, big build ups

Joy (track 7) – A simple glitch track with a lot of emotion, think Notwist with Indian vocals

Reviewed by Devon Cunningham

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