Choice Cuts


Pieter [Big Pete] vanderPluijm plays harmonica infused with the echoes of a distinguished line of blues masters. Pete, from the Netherlands, enlisted help from a number of special artists on this debut album. The Blues Foundation has nominated Choice Cuts for Best New Artist Debut. He has gained fame throughout Europe as frontman in the Lester Butler Tribute Band. Top tracks include 2-6-9-12-13 but all are truly Choice Cuts. Authentic-sounding “Can’t You See What You’re Doin’ to Me” showcases Alex Schultz’ lead guitar and the background picking keeps pace just like Albert King’s original piece. In the Jimmy Rogers tune “Act Like You Love Me” Pete employs the same vibrato technique as its creator. Al Blake’s sweetly-paced harmonica shines through with Alex Schultz on lead in “I Got My Eyes on You.” Listen to “Hey Lawdy Mama” and you’ll agree why Jimi Bott has been nominated by The Blues Foundation as one of the best instrumentalists on drums. Big Pete has taken Howlin’ Wolf’s “Rockin’ Daddy” to a higher plane with rough-edged reverb and lots of guitar and piano support from Kid Ramos and Rob Rio. “Chromatic Crumbs” is a tribute to the late William Clarke and it resonates with identical soul. In “I’m a Business Man,” you can HEAR the Mississippi Delta in Pete’s harp along with Paul Oscher’s melodica. You can’t miss on this album. After years of honing his skill, Big Pete will be known for Big Pete, not for the footsteps he has followed and now stepped beyond. – Pam VandeKerkhoff

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