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Venus On Earth


Dengue Fever delivers a warm and toasty record with “Venus On Earth”. “Venus On Earth” does just what it should. Provide a smooth and relaxing soundtrack to the daily commute. There is something about Dengue Fever that reminds you of traveling. The sound reminded me of the music in the movie “Broken Flowers” and as it turns out, they made an appearance on the soundtrack. Dengue Fever is serious about the music, but has a little fun with the lyrical content also. With sentences like “It’s 4am, I check my e-mail” and “I’m at a party, in …(hey, where am I) man in the distance says “Echo Park” continues to sing “In Echo Park”, and “I take an Ambien”, you get the feeling they are just having fun. “Tiger Phone Card” is the standout track here. With playful lyrics about two lovers separated by 3000 miles of America, trying to stay together and day dreaming about what they will do when they see each other again. “Integration” has Ch’hom singing in her native Cambodian tongue, which she does on several tracks, sounding eerily similar to the lovely Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar. “Oceans of Venus” is a great instrumental that shows off the bands talent and detail to making great music to groove too. For all you Moped Army members out there, you can find a nice pic of a Puch Maxi in the CD tray.--Tim Warren for WYCE

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