Balkan Beat Box is the world’s music. They are Confusing and irreverent; taking influence from Gypsy, Jewish, and Middle Eastern traditions, dancehall, ragga, dub, as well as American funk and hip-hop. This results in an explosion of creatively contrived hooks and beats. I have to see this band. Unfortunately look out for track 2, ‘Hermetico’ which is not entirely FCC friendly. Terrific, and radio friendly tracks, include the gypsy style instrumentals ‘BBBeat,’ and ‘Balcasio.’ ‘Pachima’ and ‘Joro Boro’ are amazing collages of genre. Another, more dub oriented, standout is number eight, ‘Quand est-ce qu’on arrive?’ MC Tomer Yosef has made his way into the BBB coalition and is highlighted on ‘Digital Monkey’ and ‘Mexico City.’ George Clinton, meet your Jewish cousins. – Derrick Mund

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