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Invisible Cities


Most of this album was conceived and recorded during last year's Ghost Rock tour. Producer Warren Defever convinced these east coast boys (east coast of Michigan, that is) to come to his UFO Factory studio the morning after the tour ended. The studio is located in Detroit's Eastern Market and the streets were littered that morning with post-market garbage. Some of the refuse included street sweeper tines. Defever collected these and fashioned electric kalimbas. These and other re-purposed items can be heard throughout this production. This album has hot horns and percussion that are often accentuated by bamboo flute, synth noise box, and, of course, the aforementioned kalimbas. Hot tracks are the title track and "Bumbo", both of which provide a solid percussion base for the sometimes wandering horns. "Crescent" features home-made electric kalimbas and congas accentuated by a bamboo flute to make for a nice groove. Rebecca Ruth.

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