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This is the second release for Blues Dual Aaron Moreland and Dustin Arbuckle for the Telrac label and is pure unpolished blues rock that keeps the energy flowing through all 12 tracks. It can best be described as taking a trip to the Crossroads and finding the 100 amp fuse. That may be the reason why they find themselves in Purgatory which guitarist Aaron Moreland describes as a riff -driven declaration of primal need. The CD begins with the rocking "The Brown Bomber" which sets the stage for Aaron Moreland's driving guitar and Dustin Arbuckle's edgy vocals and down and dirty harp. The Title track "Just A Dream" reminded me of a rocking Los Lobos track. "Heartattack and Vine" is a well done Tom Waits cover from his 1990 classic disc and just like Tom, Dustin provides his own heartfelt vocals. "Gypsy Violin" is a fun track that features a conversation between the two about trading a chicken for a violin with Moreland's guitar making the backdrop. "Shadows Never Change" could be described as Robin Trower meets Pink Floyd. I would also be remiss to not mention the excellent drums and percussion from Brad Horner who provides a rock solid backbeat through the entire disc. If you are a fan of bands such as the Black Keys, this disc should be an instant classic. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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