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Boo Boo Davis

Ain't Gotta Dime


Boo Boo Davis put out a decent album with “Ain't Gotta Dime”. The musicianship is pretty good, and the writing is even better. The sound is a classic Mississippi blues sound: Simple, toe-tappin', head-bobbin' blues. He has a good voice, and his harmonica playing is pretty good. From the funky guitar playing to the beat the rhythm & drums are pumping out, this sound is pleasing. The lyrics might be a little hard to understand sometimes, but the feel's more important here, in my opinion. Many of the tracks have a real good, catchy, simple blues guitar riff, with chord-based tie-ins. These riffs really give the music a solid base that Boo Boo can sing and play with; I really liked them. Most of the album (according to the liner notes) was recorded in one take, so the sound is really close to their live sound; it makes you almost feel like you're sitting in a blues bar listening to the band. As a tradeoff, the recording quality isn't very high. The quality doesn't detract from the music; I'm just picky about live albums, and this almost feels like a live album. This was a pretty good blues album, overall, and I enjoyed listening to it. I'd recommend: 1, 6, 7, 11, 12, 14 ~ Chris Thomas

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