Little Did I Dream


Jazz vocalist Connie Evingson adds to her deep songbook in her eighth release crooning the tunes of Dave Frishberg, who interestingly enough, wrote everyone's favorite Schoolhouse Rock ditty "I'm Just a Bill." Though sadly not on this album, Evingson's work shines through on the tongue-in-cheek hit, "My Attorney Bernie" and the swinging "Zoot Walks In." Evingson displays great range and variety in this 14 song showcase featuring Frishberg on piano. "I've been in love with Dave Frishberg's work forever," Evingson says. The Minneapolis-St. Paul "City Pages" describes Evingson as "sly" and "sinuous" as "she wraps herself in Frishberg's song." This album brings witty fun together with a romantic flair that has come to be synonymous with Evingson decade long career. -- Daniel Graeber

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