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The Coalition

Naked Movies


The Coalition is a quartet (guitar, drums, keboards, bass) of New York musicians who have been working together since 1997. Naked Movies is the result of their efforts to take techno-fusion into a new direction.

Extensive liner notes by jazz critic Bill Milkowski explain that the band is “ . . . determined to withdraw from the fusion sweepstakes, do away with the gratuitous displays of chops (fiery, blistering, or otherwise) and go for an overall band concept that pushed the envelope in innumerably hip and adventerous ways.” Milkowski draws comparisons to the 70’s and 80’s supergroup Weather Report.

What this means for the listener is eight complex jazz compostions with an irresistable groove. And while the band realizes its goal of avoiding “gratuitous displays of chops,” the individual musicians still display plenty of improvisational skill. The combination of live playing with sophisticated computer-driven techno-sonics delivers a continuous stream, a virtual “coalition,” if you will, of fresh and innovative sounds.

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