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Comin' Straigt At Ya'


This Chicago based sextet, led by the Frost brothers, Mike on tenor and soprano saxophone, and Steve on trumpet and flugelhorn, was created and perfected on the Odyssey, a popular luxury cruise ship that commands the waters of Chicago coastline on Lake Michigan. The group’s second release, “Comin’ Straight At Ya’” follows debut album “Nothing Smooth About It”—both of which being rather appropriately named. This album features refreshing acoustic bass special guest Mark Berls on tracks 1 “Wylie’s Windup,” 5 “Search for Peace,” 8 “Nica’s Winter Waltz,” and 10 “Midway’s Lament.” “Comin’ Straight At Ya’” is grooving in all the right places and the beats are bopping at the exact right times. The solos are righteous and soulful, and the instrumentalists are blowing harder than Chicago’s infamous winter wind. MFP has given Chicago a prized organ combo that has landed the group a much sought after regular night at the downtown jazz club Andy’s. The Mike Frost Project stands out of the typical jazz crowd by incorporating the classic 20th century groove to a 21st century respectable artistic musical technique. Some jams to pay attention to on this album are opening, upbeat track 1 “Wylie’s Windup,” the funky 2 “Vicious Dex-O-Licious,” the big band tribute track 9 “Aw Geez,” and the percussion showing off 11 “I’ll Remember April.” -Jake Burritt

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