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Beat Music


  Beat Music is only the second release from Mark Guiliana.  That doesn't mean that he is inexperienced, though. The New York-based drummer has been a long-time side man for Avishai Cohen.  He has also been known to team up with Brad Mehldau.  Currently, however, he is leading a trio and his musical associates are bassist, Tim Lefebvre and keyboardist Jason Lidner. The band is outstanding, but Mark Guiliana's drumming is remarkable. It is so precise as to make one wonder if one is hearing programmed drums instead of a real kit.  As far as the album, Beat Music is post-rock jazz with nary a guitar in sight. It has mesmerizing beats and plenty of electronic interplay.  Each song explores a different theme through recorded vocal samples. (Unfortunately, the liner notes have left me guessing as to the origin of these samples.)  Listening to this, I found myself wishing for less  samples, though, as they distracted from the music. Nonetheless, I really liked this.      Rebecca Ruth    

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