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Cicada Music


  Frank Rosaly has been kicking around the Chicago jazz scene for some ten or twelve years.  Some of his usual cohorts include Rolldown, Jeb Bishop Trio, Fast Citizens, Mandarin Movie, and Chicago Luzern Exchange.  In 2007, filmmaker, Brian Ashby asked him to score a documentary he was working on, called Scrappers, about scrap metal scavengers in Chicago. This album, Cicada Music, is an extension of that score.  Leading an ensemble for the first time is Frank Rosaly on drums and electronics.  Other notables include James Falzone on clarinet and Jason Adasiewicz on vibes.  Written by Frank Rosaly, one might expect the songs here to be heavy on percussion.  While it is involved and often front and center, the percussion periodically  backs off and allows the spotlight to shine on the other musicians.  Mr. Rosaly has left plenty of room here for improvisation. It is obvious listening to this that these guys have grown used to challenging each other musically and that they are all up to it.  Cicada Music with its extemporaneous solos and melodies can be rewarding for the listener who likes to be challenged.    Rebecca Ruth

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