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  Outer Bridge Ensemble is a quartet out of New York. The latest release, Determined, is full of original contemporary jazz.  The album starts out with the mildly funky title track. The second song, "Galactic Diamonds", is quiet and its fluctuating rhythmic meter makes it one of the more interesting pieces here.  The band flexes its muscle, showing off its two percussionists on third track, "Salute".  This piece is upbeat, afro-latin jazz and is easily the best track on the album.  The band then slows it down for the mild "At Ease".  For the rest of the album, the ensemble never gets it going again, settling into a slow to mid-tempo groove to finish it out.  Last track, "Homage to Freedom", however, tries to get the groove back with its cowbell before going into a middle of piano and sax noodling fronting an increased tempo on the drum kit.  All in all, this is decent contemporary jazz.        

 Rebecca Ruth     

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