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Invades Vancouver


One For All’s twelfth release was recorded live during a four night gig at Corey Weeds’ The Cellar nightclub in Vancouver. These guys know their stuff, as well they should. Individually, the sextet has worked for the likes of Jackie McLean, Brad Mehldau, Joe Lovano, Horace Silver, Art Blakey, Chick Corea, Chet Baker and Freddie Hubbard. They have bop chops! Often sounding like something Blue Note would have released in its heyday, “Invades Vancouver” offers upbeat straight-up jazz. It’s obvious who these musicians emulate in choosing to include only one cover song, Coltrane’s “Moments Notice”. Indeed, Eric Alexander’s sax solo on “Open and Shut” reminded me of Coltrane the moment I heard it. While plenty of solos exist on this album, no one musician hogs the spotlight. “Invades Vancouver” is all for one and One For All. Rebecca Ruth

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