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Local pianist and antiques saleswoman Alicia Menninga's third release expands on her first two "Dreamscape" discs -- solo piano with occasional string background to add emotion and light percussion here and there. Alicia calls her songs "dreaming out loud" and she takes off from the opening note of each number and keeps moving up and down the keyboard until the final chord sounds. Each song feels as though she is coaxing you to come along with her on a particular musical journey (and, usually, you're more than willing). Her expressive playing reminds me of Vienna Teng's, but there are no lyrics here to tell you the writer's intent; instead, like her, you're assigned to fill in your own story. The music is expansive enough to handle a variety of dreams, and in this age of bombastic noise and loud opinion, that's a welcome retreat. 06/10 MJVD J-New Age (Instrumental)

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