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Jeff Coffin & Charlie Peacock

Arc of The Circle


Arc of The Circle, a duet recording by Flecktones saxophonist Jeff Coffin and pianist Charlie Peacock isn't exactly like anything you've ever heard. This is high-risk improvisational music, first with production and arrangement coming second. Historically speaking, it bears some resemblance to early Dewey Redman/Keith Jarrett collaborations. With some aggressive Coltrane/McCoy type moments. There's also a little Stravinsky, Copeland, Ives and Hindemith influences peeking through channeling famous cartoon composers and mixing in some cut-up, glitch-pop electronics with leap frog intervals, even with all the eclectic influences, the music remains bluesy and essentially American. These 2 major improvisers and friends including Marc Ribot, Derrek Phillips, Tony Miracle, Ken Lewis and Joe Murphy create yet another surprising hybrid of jazz/ not jazz, and stretch the boundaries of even the most current' beyond jazz' categories.

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